So far…

So it’s been a little over a week since I started in on my healthy kick again.  So far this is what I’ve noticed:


  • Less bloating with the Carnation Instant breakfast than the mini wheats.  I’m suspecting a gluten intolerance :/
  • I don’t get hungry (or as hungry) before lunch as I used to.  I’m guessing I wasn’t getting enough nutrition from the mini wheats.
  • I’ve tried to keep my calorie count down during the week, but it did go a bit high on the weekend. 
  • For the most part I’ve stuck to the Wii Active workout schedule, but I missed Friday so I’ll have to make that up this week and not have Wednesday as a rest day.
  • I feel smaller already.  Which seems impossible, considering I have not burned enough to lose any weight.  But without the extra bloat, my midsection is definitely slimmer.  If nothing else this is a good motivator to keep at it. 


Wii Active has also gotten easier already.  I’m a little suspicious about how many calories it says it burns though.  For a half an hour, it’s telling me I’ve only burned around 100 calories.  But if I ride the exercise bike, it tells me I’ve burned 200.  But my heart rate stays up much longer with Wii Active, and I’m more worn out after.  100 just doesn’t sound like it’s high enough!


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