Hello world!

So here I am, trying to start a blog.  Or starting a blog.  Or, whatever.

I’m hoping it will help me stick to my exercise/healthy lifestyle change I’m trying to make.   I’ve tried a few times, but I always end up taking a break from it for whatever reason, and then I don’t come back fast enough.

What are the reasons for this change you may ask?  The simple answer is weight gain.   Until about 5 years ago, I was underweight.  My senior year in high school I weighed a healthy 110 pounds for my height.  While this was still a bit under, it was ok.  After high school I was a little depressed, and went down to 95lbs.   Add onto that I had IBS that was just starting to rear its ugly head.  I spent the next 10 years trying to gain weight with no success.  Food was scary to me, because it could equal pain.  Social anxiety didn’t help either.

Fast forward a few years, and I learned to like food and got the IBS under control.  I didn’t give another thought to what I was eating, or how I was eating, who cares? Food was awesome!  I finally started to fill out a bit, and clothes looked nicer on me.

Then last year, after starting a new med, I started to gain.  Now, it wasn’t a huge amount.  It was just enough for my skin to feel uncomfortable.  What was that extra little roll on my back?  Why did it feel weird if I slept a certain way?   I was in a friend’s wedding around this time, and when I saw the pictures, I wasn’t very happy.

Realistically,  I wasn’t overweight.  I had a little extra, but nothing major.  And I still looked great in those wedding pictures, but I didn’t recognize my body anymore.  It didn’t feel right anymore.   So I started doing a little exercise and calorie counting.  I lost 5 pounds!  And I could feel it, and I liked it.  Then I fell off the exercise wagon.  Of course it didn’t take long to gain that small bit back.  And now I’m back where I started, not feeling all that great about my body.  Which I’ll discuss in future blog posts.

So I decided I needed to make an even bigger overall lifestyle change.  This is how I’m starting:

  • At work,  no more bread.   I may not be able to control what we have at home all the time, but I can control what I have at work.
  • Trying different things for breakfast.  Right now, I’m trying Carnation Instant Breakfast instead of my beloved miniwheats.   First day here, and I’m surprised at how not hungry I am nearing lunchtime.
  • Back to the exercise schedule
  • Back to calorie counting, and keeping that count down from what it was before.

I’m debating before and after pictures, but I don’t know yet.  I may just post measurements!   Right now I have no other goals than to feel better.  I have no weight goals or measurements, numbers don’t hold much meaning for me.


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