So far…

So it’s been a little over a week since I started in on my healthy kick again.  So far this is what I’ve noticed:


  • Less bloating with the Carnation Instant breakfast than the mini wheats.  I’m suspecting a gluten intolerance :/
  • I don’t get hungry (or as hungry) before lunch as I used to.  I’m guessing I wasn’t getting enough nutrition from the mini wheats.
  • I’ve tried to keep my calorie count down during the week, but it did go a bit high on the weekend. 
  • For the most part I’ve stuck to the Wii Active workout schedule, but I missed Friday so I’ll have to make that up this week and not have Wednesday as a rest day.
  • I feel smaller already.  Which seems impossible, considering I have not burned enough to lose any weight.  But without the extra bloat, my midsection is definitely slimmer.  If nothing else this is a good motivator to keep at it. 


Wii Active has also gotten easier already.  I’m a little suspicious about how many calories it says it burns though.  For a half an hour, it’s telling me I’ve only burned around 100 calories.  But if I ride the exercise bike, it tells me I’ve burned 200.  But my heart rate stays up much longer with Wii Active, and I’m more worn out after.  100 just doesn’t sound like it’s high enough!


Hello world!

So here I am, trying to start a blog.  Or starting a blog.  Or, whatever.

I’m hoping it will help me stick to my exercise/healthy lifestyle change I’m trying to make.   I’ve tried a few times, but I always end up taking a break from it for whatever reason, and then I don’t come back fast enough.

What are the reasons for this change you may ask?  The simple answer is weight gain.   Until about 5 years ago, I was underweight.  My senior year in high school I weighed a healthy 110 pounds for my height.  While this was still a bit under, it was ok.  After high school I was a little depressed, and went down to 95lbs.   Add onto that I had IBS that was just starting to rear its ugly head.  I spent the next 10 years trying to gain weight with no success.  Food was scary to me, because it could equal pain.  Social anxiety didn’t help either.

Fast forward a few years, and I learned to like food and got the IBS under control.  I didn’t give another thought to what I was eating, or how I was eating, who cares? Food was awesome!  I finally started to fill out a bit, and clothes looked nicer on me.

Then last year, after starting a new med, I started to gain.  Now, it wasn’t a huge amount.  It was just enough for my skin to feel uncomfortable.  What was that extra little roll on my back?  Why did it feel weird if I slept a certain way?   I was in a friend’s wedding around this time, and when I saw the pictures, I wasn’t very happy.

Realistically,  I wasn’t overweight.  I had a little extra, but nothing major.  And I still looked great in those wedding pictures, but I didn’t recognize my body anymore.  It didn’t feel right anymore.   So I started doing a little exercise and calorie counting.  I lost 5 pounds!  And I could feel it, and I liked it.  Then I fell off the exercise wagon.  Of course it didn’t take long to gain that small bit back.  And now I’m back where I started, not feeling all that great about my body.  Which I’ll discuss in future blog posts.

So I decided I needed to make an even bigger overall lifestyle change.  This is how I’m starting:

  • At work,  no more bread.   I may not be able to control what we have at home all the time, but I can control what I have at work.
  • Trying different things for breakfast.  Right now, I’m trying Carnation Instant Breakfast instead of my beloved miniwheats.   First day here, and I’m surprised at how not hungry I am nearing lunchtime.
  • Back to the exercise schedule
  • Back to calorie counting, and keeping that count down from what it was before.

I’m debating before and after pictures, but I don’t know yet.  I may just post measurements!   Right now I have no other goals than to feel better.  I have no weight goals or measurements, numbers don’t hold much meaning for me.